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The Lip Veil is our top selling product! This luxurious lip mask is a lip treatment, gloss, & balm all in-one. This emollient helps to smooth and plump the lips with rich and nourishing ingredients. Our Lip Veil is a perfect addition to any skincare regimen and is recommended to be used nightly during your skincare routine. This advanced product will protect and restore leaving your perfect pout ready for any occasion. 


The design of this product is one of the first of its kind and includes a mirror enclosed with a reusable wand tucked inside to ensure a sanitary and clean application.


Directions: Use the Lip Veil in the morning and at night during your skincare regimen by applying a generous amount to the lip area. We also love to use as a topper for any lipstick to give a glossy finish without that oh so annoying sticky feeling!


Please be sure to recycle/repurpose this beautiful packaging! It is too pretty to end up in a land fill. this small container could be used to store jewelry, pins, vitamins, or contacts!





Lip Veil

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